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May 14, 2020 11:53 AM


Hello  Parents,

 During these unprecedented times we as the NYBL board have been meeting to find a solution which would allow those who want to play baseball the ability to do so. We also have the responsibility as a board to keep everyone as safe as possible.  That being said, we understand that this is not the season that you signed up for so we are also offering refunds to those who choose not to play.  

Please fill out the form below to answer if you are interested in playing this season.  If you are interested in playing there is also a form attached that is a Hold Harmless Waiver that Babe Ruth is requiring that all players and volunteers have on file prior to the first practice.  It will need to be returned to your coach before or at the first practice; if not done your child will not be allowed to practice.

Baberuth waiver.pdf



Schedule File

The schedule is obviously going to be condensed and unfortunately we aren’t going to be able to play as many games as we usually do, but we have done the best we can.  


  • The State Superintendent of Schools has mandated that no one is allowed on school properties until July 1st.  The Governor has given the go-ahead for youth sports to start up June 14th.  Coaches may decide that they want to do practices off of school grounds between June 14th-July 1st. 
  • The number of teams per league may change as well as we get a final count on the number of players that want to play. There is also a possibility some teams may be adjusted or balanced.


  • It has been decided amongst all the league presidents in the county that we will not be having a city tourney this year, if there is a league tourney it could possibly be in August, but that is still undecided since Fall Sports will hopefully be starting.  


  • Current Schedule is attached games run July 1 through July 30


At this time the concession stand is still undecided.  We will not be having a full service concession stand, but we might be able to have pre-packaged snacks and drinks, but that is still undecided.  

Safety Guidelines (these guidelines are always being adjusted and may change at anytime)

Please keep in mind we are abiding by Federal, State, Local, School and Baberuth guidelines.  Some of these items may seem excessive but we have a duty to keep everyone safe.


  • Spectators to remain past the marked areas that will be beyond the dugouts and bleachers and throughout the outfield
  • The bleachers will be off limits to spectators until further notice
  • Press box will not be used
  • Social distancing will be maintained
  • Bathrooms are open and sanitized prior to each game



  • Inside of the dugout area is limited to 4 players and 2 coaches
  • The bleachers will/can also be used for additional players
  • Players should use their own equipment including:
    • Bats, gloves, batting gloves, and helmets
    • Catchers gear will be provided, but if you have your own please bring it
  • No sunflower seeds or gum allowed anywhere on the property 

Coaches & Coaching

  • Social distance with players and other coaches
  • Two coaches in the dugout area allowed
  • Maximum of 2 other coaches can be on the field, out of bounds and past 1st and 3rd baselines
  • Manager meetings on the field of only 2 players or less
  • Warm-up limited to 15 minutes prior to game time
  • No gathering as a team in close proximity
  • No batting cage use
  • There will be 2 hand sanitizing stations available on each diamond



Refunds will be given for those players choosing not to play this year and who have submitted the attached form NO LATER THAN MAY 24, 2020. Those who do not submit a form by this date will not receive a refund regardless if they are playing or not.  

If the season ends up being canceled other arrangements will be made for refunds.  

We will NOT be applying this year's payment to next season if you choose not to play. 

T-ball, Rookie, and Minor league players will be given a full refund. If you paid by cash or check you will receive a check. If you used a credit card the refund will be applied to the card used. 

Major league players-  Unfortunately, Major League Jersey’s were ordered and arrived prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Major league players requesting a refund will be given a refund minus the league cost of the jerseys.  You will need to get with your coach to get your jersey and hat.  


12 year old jackets will be given to those 2020 12 year old players.


Also please keep in mind we are doing the best we can during these very trying times.



If the form below does not work please copy and past into your browser:

If you have any questions:

Jed Myers, NYBL President: 

Jendy Hanson, T-Ball VP: 

Troy Link, Rookie League VP: 

Gary Cook, Minor League VP: 

Brad Burkhalter, Major League VP: 


Baberuth waiver.pdf

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